169MHz Wireless M-Bus Module

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Fabricant Embit


Description :

EMB-WMB169PA is a 169 MHz wireless module that combines high performance to small dimensions and low cost, providing the system integrator a simple and easy way to add Wireless M-Bus connectivity and multi-hop networking into existing products.

The EMB-WMB169PA modules can be provided with a W-MBus stack specifically developed by Embit for the platform that allows to integrate the module in the desired system without effort and simplify the interaction in WMBus networks. This makes the EMB-WMB169PA a perfect match for Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) applications.

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  • Based on TI MSP430 & CC1120
  • Program memory: 128 kB / 96 kB / 64 kB
  • RAM: 10 kB / 8 kB / 6 kB
  • Output power (MAX): +30 dBm / +27 dBm / +15 dBm
  • Sensitivity: -122 dBm
  • AES software encryption available
  • Form factor: 29 x 22 mm
  • Power consumption (deep sleep): 2 µA
  • Supply voltage: 3.3 V