Portable ARINC 615/603 Data Loader

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Fabricant Ballard

Astronics Ballard Technology

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The DL 615 turns any Microsoft Windows PC into an ARINC 615-3 and ARINC 603 data loader. The DL 615 is the modern replacement for outmoded 3½-inch floppy disk only ARINC 615 portable data loaders (PDL). Any PC running Microsoft® Windows® can perform data loads using the USB to ARINC 429 interface, cables, and software included with the DL 615. While being as simple to use as older floppy disk PDLs, the DL 615 provides record keeping, flexibility in data management, and powerful features for troubleshooting and enabling data loads into difficult LRUs.

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  • Replaces old 3½-inch floppy disk only PDLs
  • Use with any MS Windows® compatible PC
  • ARINC 615-3 and 603 protocols
  • Load from floppy, HD, USB, CD, DVD, or network
  • Clear indicators for load progress and status
  • Efficient multi-file, multi-disk and extra-large loads
  • Numerous logging options
  • Protocol recording and diagnostic tools
  • Configurable for problematic LRUs
  • Benefits


  • Flightline support
  • Avionics development and testing
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • System upgrades
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