Transformateur d'impulsion

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Fabricant Myrra


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Pulse Transformers from a globally recognised provider of custom magnetic components.

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  • Toroid core gives best coupling, lowest leakage inductance, fast rise time.
  • Pulse (E.t rating) is given for bipolar (symetrical) pulse. Value is reduced for unipolar pulse.
  • These products are only composed of UL-V0 approved materials.
  • Insulation test voltage : 4000 Vrms
  • This product has a construction conform to CEI950, CEI335, CEI61558 for Reinforced insulation (8 mm creepage distance)
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Ratio 1/1/1  
Primary Inductance (mH min-max) 2.5 to 5  
Max Current per winding (Arms) 1.2  
Resistance/Winding (Ohms max) 0.14  
Pulse E x t (V.µs max) 300  
Square V/kHz 0.8  
C P/S (pF max) 90  
Leakage Inductance (µH) 90