Self Dimmer, pour Application EMI

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Fabricant Myrra


Description :

Dimmer Chokes for EMI Suppression from Myrra. These chokes are optimised for noise suppression in light dimmers. The saturable chokes provide a high impedance for Triac switching interference, and a low impedance for the 50Hz component.



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  • For noise suppression in light dimmers
  • Saturable chokes : provides a high impedance for Triac switching interferences, and a low impedance for 50Hz component
  • Electrical characteristics at 25°
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Inductance (μH) 1300000  

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Tolérance (%) ±15  
Courant DC Max. (A) 4.5  
DC Résistance Max (Ω) 0.15  
Boîtier/ Dimensions 44 x 16.5 x 1.2 mm