Série EDFA (amplificateur fibre dopé à l'erbium)

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Fabricant AC Photonics

AC Photonics

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The EDFA-E series of stand-alone devices with the user-friendly front panel and OEM units are designed for a wide range of applications. These wall-plug units include a wide selection of Boosters, Pre-amplifiers, In-Line, Mid-Stage access and Gain-Flattened amplifiers. The Rack- mount EDFA-E series of high performance, low noise and high output power amplifiers provide the perfect opportunity to build flexible CATV network systems. These EDFA-Es are available in both single channel and DWDM configurations. All EDFA-Es are available in Bench Top, 1U 19 inch Rack-mount, Gain Block or Module formats.

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  • Wide range of power from 14 dBm to 25 dBm
  • Choice of wavelengths C-, L- and C+L-bands
  • Near quantum-limited noise figure preamplifiers
  • RS232 or USB interface
  • High performance-to-cost ratio
  • Custom design flexibility
  • Application

  • Analog and Digital CATV Optical Network
  • Long-Haul transmitting system
  • LANs and MANs
  • SONET/SDH systems
  • Instrumentation
  • R&D