Accéléromètre, Uniaxial, Analogique, 5g, Grande stabilité de Biais, Haute fiabilité, Boîtier LCC-20

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Fabricant Colibrys

Safran Colibrys

Description :

The VS9000 vibration sensor is a single axis MEMS capacitive accelerometer based on a bulk micro-machined silicon element specifically designed for large and flat frequency response, a low power ASIC for signal conditioning, a micro-controller for storage of compensation values and a temperature sensor. The product is low power, fully calibrated, robust and extremely stable and the electronic configuration provides a solid power on reset and ensures a full protection against brown-out. It operates from a single power supply voltage (between +2.5V and +5.5V) with low current consumption (< 0.5mA at 5V). The output is a ratiometric analog voltage that varies between +0.5V and +4.5V for the full-scale acceleration range at a voltage supply of +5V. The sensor is fully self-contained and packaged in a 20-pin LCC ceramic housing, thus insuring a full hermeticity.

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  • ±2g to ±200g range
  • Large bandwidth (DC to > 1 kHz @ -5% in dB)
  • Single power supply (+2.5V to +5.5V, ratiometric voltage output)
  • Low power
  • Extra small 20 pin LCC ceramic package with hermetic sealing (8.9mm x 8.9mm)
  • Harsh environment (shock, vibration, temperature)
  • Brown out protected
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • RoHS compliant suitable for lead free soldering process and SMD mounting
Caractéristiques Produits similaires
Gamme de Tension d'alimentation (V) 2.5 to 5.5  

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Courant d'alimentation Typ. (mA) 0.4  
Gamme Pleine Echelle (g) 5  
Calibration du Décalage (mg) 25  
Stabilité du Décalage à 1 an @ 6000g (mg typ) 3.75  
Coefficient de Température du Décalage (mg/OC typ) 0.25  
Sensibilité du Facteur d'échelle (mV/g) 400  
Facteur de Stabilité d'échelle à 1 an (ppm typ) 300  
Coefficient de Température du Facteur d'échelle (ppm/OC typ) 100  
Désalignement de l'axe d'entrée (mrad max) < 10  
Désalignement de l'axe d'entrée (% max) 1  
Résolution/ Seuil @1Hz (mg max) < 0.3  
Non Linéarité (% of FS max) < 1  
Non Linéarité (g max) < 0.5  
Bande Passante (Hz) 0 to ≥ 1700  
Densité Spectrale de Bruit dans la Bande (µV/√Hz typ) 25  
Fréquence de Résonance (KHz) 1.1  
Boîtier Non magnetic, LCC 20 way