Analogue Amplified Basic Pressure Sensor, 0-1psi, DIP, Dual radial barbless ports, 5.0Vdc

Honeywell ABP Series DIP Dual Radial Barbless port

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Fabricant Honeywell

Honeywell - Sensors

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ABPDJJT001PGAA5 is an analogue amplified basic pressure sensor with a 1 psi gage pressure range in DIP package with a Dual radial barbless ports, Silicon gel coating, no diagnostics, 10% to 90% of Vsupply (analog), 214 counts (digital)transfer function, no temperature output, no sleep mode, 5.0 Vdc supply voltage.

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  • Industry-leading long-term stability: ±0.25 %FSS
  • Total Error Band (TEB): ±1.5 %FSS
  • Industry-leading accuracy: ±0.25 %FSS BFSL
  • High burst pressures
  • Industry-leading flexibility
  • Wide pressure range: 0 to 1 psi
  • Meets IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020D.1 Moisture Sensitivity Level 1 requirements
  • Optional internal diagnostic functions
  • Energy efficient
  • Output: ratiometric analog; I2C- or SPI-compatible 14-bit digital output (min. 12-bit sensor resolution)
  • Small size: As small as 8 mm x 7 mm
  • REACH and RoHS compliant
  • Sleep mode option (see Technical Note)
  • Temperature output option
  • Liquid media option
  • Benefits

  • MEDICAL: CPAP, Blood analysis, Blood pressure monitoring, Breast pumps, Drug dosing, Hospital beds, Massage machines, Oxygen concentrators, Patient monitoring, Sleep apnea equipment, Urine analyzers, Ventilators/portable ventilators , Wound therapy
  • INDUSTRIAL: Air brakes, HVAC/transmitters, Life sciences, Material handling, Pneumatic control, Pneumatic regulator, Process gas monitoring, Valve positioning and positioners
  • COMMERCIAL: Air beds, Coffee makers, Washing machines
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Type de Mesure Gauge  

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Gamme de Pression 0 to 1 psi  
Pression Maximum (multiple de la pression nominale) 1 psi  
Tension d'alimentation (V) 5  
Courant d'alimentationt (mA) ou Courant d'excitation 2.7  
Type de Sortie Analogue  
Gamme de Température de Fonctionnement (°C) 40 to 85  
Température Compensée Yes  
Gamme de Température Compensée(°C) 0 to 50  
Vibration de 20Hz à 2000Hz (g rms) 15 g at 10Hz to 2kHz  
Choc (g) 100  
Durée Chocs (ms) 6  
Durée de Vie (Cyclages) 1 Million Cycles (Min)  
Style de Boîtier DIP Dual radial