PX2 series heavy-duty pressure transducer, 0 to 500 psi


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Fabricant Honeywell

Honeywell - Sensors

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Honeywell's PX2 Series Heavy Duty Pressure Transducer is a portfolio of highly configurable pressure sensors that use piezoresistive sensing technology with ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) signal conditioning in a stainless steel housing. The PX2 Series is fully calibrated and compensated for offset, sensitivity, temperature effects and non-linearity using the on-board ASIC. This provides a Total Error Band of ±2% over the operating temperature range of -40 ºC to 125 ºC [-40 °F to 257 °F].

With thousands of possible configurations, the PX2 Series allows Honeywell to meet customer requirements and quickly provide samples. New standard configurations are regularly being added.

The PX2 Series is compatible with a variety of harsh media including brake fluid, refrigerants, engine oil, tap water, hydraulic fluids, and compressed air. The wide operating temperature range, ingress protection up to IP69K, and 100 V/m radiated immunity allow for reliable performance in tough environments.

These transducers measure absolute or sealed gauge pressure. The absolute versions have an internal vacuum reference and an output value proportional to absolute pressure. The sealed gauge versions have an internal pressure reference of one atmosphere at sea level.

The PX2 Series is available in three pressure ranges, with additional pressure ranges coming soon.

  • 1 bar to 46 bar
  • 100 kPa to 4.6 MPa
  • 15 psi to 667 psi

All products are RoHS compliant and are designed and manufactured according to ISO 9001 standards. Count on affordability and availability with these high performing, durable transducers.



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  • Cost-effective: The PX2 Series is a precise pressure measurement solution that optimizes system performance at a competitive cost.
  • Designed for configurability: With over 15,000 standard configurations, the PX2 Series easily meets our customers' specific application needs.
  • Application expertise: Knowledgeable application engineers are available to answer customers' specific design questions during the development of their product.
  • Global support: Honeywell's global presence offers customers immediate product and application support throughout the development cycle, from design to global manufacturing.
  • Wide selection of options: Numerous standard or custom connectors, ports, pressure ranges and types, and output options include:
  • Connector types: Delphi Metri-Pack 150, Micro M12, DIN, Deutsch, cable harness (1 m, 2 m, 3 m, or 5 m).
  • Port types: 1/4-18 NPT, 1/8-27 NPT, 9/16-18 UNF SAE J1926-3, 7/16-20 UNF SAE J1926-3, 1/4 in 45° Flare Female Schrader (7/16-20 SAE J512), M12 x 1.5 ISO 6149-3, G1/4 ISO 1179-3, G1/8 ISO 1179-3.
  • Pressure range: 1 bar to 46 bar, 100 kPa to 4.6 MPa, 15 psi to 667 psi.
  • Pressure reference: Absolute or sealed gauge.
  • SOutput transfer function: Ratiometric, regulated or current.
  • Short lead time: Due to the PX2 Series' configurability, customers can count on a quick response to prototypes. Additionally, dedicated teams and manufacturing processes ensure that product samples are shipped quickly to support your demanding product development cycle.
  • Small Total Error Band (TEB): Honeywell specifies TEB, the most comprehensive, clear, and meaningful measurement, that provides the transducer's true accuracy over a compensated temperature range of -40°C to 125 °C [-40 °F to 257 °F].
  • Provides excellent transducer interchangeability due to minimal part-to-part variation in accuracy.
  • Eliminates the customers' need for individual transducer testing and calibration.
  • Supports system accuracy and warranty requirements.
  • Fast response time: A fast response time of <2 ms helps maximize system performance.
  • Long life: A minimum 10 million cycles to operating pressure provides long life in the application.
  • Energy efficient: AC and AD output transfer functions offer a 3.3 V ratiometric output with a <7 ms turn on time enabling the PX2 Series to be used when energy efficiency is a key requirement.
  • Six Sigma design standards: Results in the highest level of quality, performance, and consistency so that customers are assured that the transducer will perform to specification.
  • Environmentally tough: A compensated operating temperature range of -40 °C to 125 °C [-40 °F to 257 °F] allows customers to design the same sensor into a variety of applications.
  • Wide operating temperature range: A compensated operating temperature range of -40 °C to 125 °C [-40 °F to 257 °F] allows customers to design the same sensor into a variety of applications.
  • Shock and vibration resistance: A mechanical shock rating of 100 G per MIL-STD-202F, Method 213B, Cond. F, and a vibration rating of 20 G sweep, 10 Hz to 2000 Hz, increase flexibility of use within the application.
  • Good EMC protection: Provides confidence that the transducer will not be damaged by environmentalelectromagnetic interference. Radiated immunity protection up to 100 V/m (ISO 11452-2) is available.
Caractéristiques Produits similaires
Gamme de Pression (psi) 0 to 500  

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Pression Maximum (multiple de la pression nominale) 1000 psi  
Tension d'entrée ou d'alimentation (V) 4.75 to 5.25  
Gamme de Température de Fonctionnement (°C) -40 to 125  
Compensé en Température Yes  
Gamme de Température Compensée(°C) -40 to 125  
Vibration de 20 à 2000Hz (g rms) 20 at 10 to 2000Hz  
Choc (g) 100  
Durée de Vie (cyclages) 10000000