Bipolar Hall-Effect Magnetic Position Sensor

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Fabricant Honeywell

Honeywell - Sensors

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The SS30AT is a versatile, bipolar, Hall-effect sensor. These sensitive magnetic sensors offer reverse polarity protection and deliver stable output over a -40 °C to 125 °C [-40 °F to 257 °F] temperature range. Operation from any dc supply voltage from 4.5 Vdc to 24.0 Vdc. These sensors have been designed with the latest technologies to provide reliable, cost-effective solutions to many commercial, medical, and /or consumer applications requiring motor control and RPM sensing. Mounts directly on the electrical traces of a PCB.

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  • Subminiature package size often allows for use in applications with tight PCB space where a compact design is needed
  • Sensitive bipolar magnetics respond to alternating north and south poles, often making these products well-suited for speed sensing and RPM measurement
  • Robust design with built-in reverse voltage protection simplifies installation and protects device from damage when mounted on a PCB
  • Thermally balanced integrated circuit provides for stable operation over a full temperature range
  • RoHS-compliant materials meet Directive 2002/95/EC
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Actionneur Magnétique Bipolar  

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Tension de Sortie 0.4 Vdc (Max)  
Type de Sortie Sink  
Commutation Temps de Montée (90 % to 10 %) 1.5 µs (Max)  
Commutation Temps de Descente (90 % to 10 %) 1.5 µs (Max)  
Point de Rejet -170 Gauss (Min)  
Point de Fonctionnement 170 Gauss max.  
Courant d'alimentation (mA) 10 (Max)  
Style de Connexion Surface mount  
Type de Boîtier SOT-23  
Température de Fonctionnement (°C) -40 to 125  
Tension d'alimentation (V) 4.5 to 24