Inclinomètre, ±5° / ±10°, Série NKB-LE-NKB-ME TML-NET

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Fabricant Tokyo Sokki

Tokyo Sokki

Description :

The NKB-LC and NKB-MC inclinometers were developed to measure the displacement of ground or structures automatically. After a special guide pipe is set in the ground or a structure vertically, these inclinometers are attached to a relay rod (KBF-33), inserted into the special guide pipe, and secured at a specified measurement position. They have built-in network modules so that data on the angle of inclination is transmitted by each cable of network modules. They are used to measure the displacement caused by landslides or the displacement of earth retaining walls. The NKB-LC is for measurement in one direction, while the NKB-MC is for simultaneous measurement in both X.

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  • Capacity: ±5° / ±10°
  • Rated Output: 2000x10-6
  • Non-Linearity: 0.5%RO
  • Temperature Range: -20 ~ +60°C
  • Benefits

  • Main Applications: Automatic measurement of displacement in landslide and retaining wall with the built-in digital transducer module