Inclinomètre, ±5° / ±10°, Série KB-JG-KB-KG

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Fabricant Tokyo Sokki

Tokyo Sokki

Description :

KB-JE and KB-KE Inclinometer are multi-layer inclinometers to measure landslide and displacement of retaining wall. Special Guide pipe and Relay rod are pre-installed perpendicular to structures and the inclinometers are installed and connected on different levels at multiple measuring points up to 15 levels. Automatical measurement is available with our Data Logger. Graphical slope monitoring is also available with Data Logger TDS-630. The KB-KE is a bi-axial model. Arresterintegrated model is available.

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  • Capacity: ±5° / ±10°
  • Rated Output: Approx.1mV/V
  • Non-Linearity: 0.5%RO
  • Temperature Range: -20 ~ +60°C
  • Exciting Voltage Allowable: 5V
  • Exciting Voltage Recommanded: Less than 2V
  • Resistance: 350Ω
  • Benefits

  • Main Applications: Landslide and retaining wall displacement measurements