Diviseurs haute tension capacitifs

Pearson Electronics Capacitive Voltage Dividers  Capacitive Voltage Dividers

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Capacitive Voltage Dividers

Fabricant Pearson Electronics

Pearson Electronics

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Pearson high voltage coaxial capacitive voltage dividers permit measurements up to 500kV when used in high voltage insulating oil. Customized division ratio and calibration for use in air are available. See the table below for model specifications.

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Model Max Pulse Voltage (in oil) Max Pulse Voltage (in air) Voltage Division Ratio (in oil) Freq Range (1MO Load) Droop Rate (per µsec) Usable Rise Time Capacitance (approx) Datasheet
VD-301 400kV 75kV 5000:1 25Hz ~ 3MHz 0.15% 150ns 28pf VD-301-Full Data Sheet
VD-305A 300kV 50kV 5000:1 30Hz ~ 4MHz 0.02% 150ns 28pf VD-305A-Full Data Sheet
VD-305A-10,000 300kV 50kV 10,000:1 30Hz ~ 4MHz 0.02% 100ns 18pf VD-305A-10,000-Full Data Sheet
VD-305A-AIR - 50kV 5000:1 70Hz ~ 4MHz 0.05% 100ns 8pf VD-305A-AIR -Full Data Sheet
VD-500A 500kV 90kV 10,000:1 15Hz ~ 2MHz 0.01% 200ns 38pf VD-500A -Full Data Sheet