Introducing the Acal BFi dedicated IoT website

Introducing the Acal BFi dedicated IoT websiteTo make IoT completely accessible to every customer, and as an extension of our offer, we have launched a brand new website dedicated to IoT products, components and solutions. Using the new website, customers can now quickly and easily find the right solutions to bring their products online.

We are at the forefront of the IoT revolution, with an extensive portfolio of products and established in-house technical expertise supporting every stage of the IoT journey. We can also support every application and sector. With our solutions and expertise, customer designs and products can easily join this new digital landscape and thrive in the IoT universe.

The site has been specifically designed around multiple users – those who are new to IoT will be able to use the site’s structure to discover the right technology for their application, whereas experienced IoT developers can quickly find the latest technology and components from a wide range of leading manufacturers.

We can provide all levels of support. From technical advice on a single problem to our proven design and complete consultancy services, we work at all levels throughout the entire IoT design and production process. With engrained product knowledge and experience across a comprehensive portfolio, our technical team provide customers with the latest technology and the knowledge to best apply it.

Myrra launch the 48000 series – their smallest, complete AC/DC power supply solution for low-power electronic designs and devices

Myrra have launched their smallest-ever power supply, the 48000 series; available with seven output voltages – 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 18 and 24Vdc

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Introducing M from Magnetics® – the new ferrite with 50% increased permeability

Developed by one of the world’s leading suppliers of precision soft magnetic materials and components, Magnetics’ new M material pushes the boundaries of ferrite class materials with a permeability of 15,000µ, one of the highest permeabilities available for ferrite materials.

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Case study and interview – Remote monitoring in open water

Find out how Acal BFi overcame an almost impossible brief with the latest IoT technology solutions and innovative design

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