Acal BFi offer technical design support and stock of Honeywell’s PX3 heavy duty pressure transducer

Acal BFi offer technical design support and stock of Honeywell’s PX3 heavy duty pressure transducerThe new PX3 series from Honeywell are cost-effective, accurate and durable, heavy-duty pressure transducers.

The Tight Total Error Band of ±1.0% FSS from -20°C to 85°C (-4°F to 185°F) provides the most comprehensive, clear and meaningful indication of the sensor's true measurement performance over a specified temperature range.

Key features

  • Enhanced freeze/thaw resistance – survives exposure to frost, commonly found in refrigeration systems
  • Enhanced insulation resistance and dielectric strength – protects the user and sensor in high, over-voltage situations, and ensures the device is compliant with industry standards
  • Enhanced EMC (radiated immunity) performance (200 V/m) – operates reliably in the presence of electro-magnetic fields, such as near wireless signals, RF communication, and electrical devices
  • Low current consumption (3.5 mA max) – helps to reduce energy costs and enhances product life if used in battery-driven systems
  • Fully calibrated and temperature-compensated output -40°C to 125°C


  • HVAC
  • Refrigeration
  • Air compressors
  • Pump and valve systems

Custom shapes and sizes, limited only by the engineer’s imagination

Micrometals and Acal BFi. Micrometals are one of the world leaders in the production of high quality, low-cost iron-powder cores - offering an unrivalled customisation service.

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Finding the solution to challenging high-frequency requirements with established materials

Discover how your magnetic component designs and applications can benefit from carbonyl iron powder - Using a tried-and-tested material from a different sector.

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We put the power in your industrial application

Our portfolio covers every possible power supply scenario. From creating your own bespoke power supply with SynQor bricks, to flexible, user-configurable modular products from Excelsys, internal open-frame designs from SL Power to cost-effective, plug-and-play external supplies from Cincon, we put the power in your industrial application.

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