IoT747 Bluetooth module

IDC Bluetooth Audio Modules

The IDC modules are fully integrated Dual Mode Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) modules. Offering high-quality performance compared to other Bluetooth Audio Module

Supplier: IOT747

Technology type: Bluetooth Modules

The IDC range offer excellent options for developers looking to integrate high-performance Audio and Data Bluetooth functionality into their products quickly and cost-effectively. The modules offer flexible control options through UART or USB interfaces, allowing for seamless data transmissions. For audio needs, both modules provide Analog or Digital Outputs, ensuring compatibility with various devices. They can establish connections with multiple devices and support multiple profiles, enhancing versatility. In terms of power consumption, both modules exhibit impressive efficiency, with consumption below 1mAmp when connected and in Pairing mode, and below 6mAmp when streaming music at 3.3V. FCC, CE, and Bluetooth 5.2 certifications are included, ensuring compliance and compatibility. Additionally, sample Android and iOS Applications are provided to facilitate the integration of Bluetooth functionality into the end application. The range can be customised to meet specific and complex use cases and scenarios. 

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Range features

A high level overview of what this range offers

  • Audio and High-Speed Data Bluetooth 5.2 Module
  • Music Receiver (HFP, A2DP Sink) and Transmitter (AG-HFP, A2DP Source)
  • Simultaneous Classic and Low Energy Bluetooth
  • Multiple Simultaneous Connections and Profiles
  • Profiles: HFP, HSP, AG-HFP, A2DP Sink, A2DP Source, AVRCP, SPP, BLE
  • Analog and Digital Audio connection (I2S, PCM)
  • Snapdragon Sound (aptX, aptX HD, aptX Adaptive), AAC, Wide Band Speech
  • Simple UART or GPIO interface for control
  • Bluetooth, FCC(US), RED(Europe), MIC(Japan), KCC(Korea) and SRRC(China) certified

What's in this range?

All the variants in the range and a comparison of what they offer

Module Size Weight Frequency band Interfaces Operating range RF sensitivity Voltage Operating temperature Storage temperature Integrated Antenna
IDC747 11.8mm x 18mm x 3.2mm 1g 2,402MHz to 2,480MHz UART, AIO, GPIO, USB, PCM, I2S, I2C 20m 0.1% BER at -96 dBm 3.3V to 4.7V DC *-40c to 85C *-40C to 105C Yes
IDC737 11.8mm x 18mm x 3.2mm 1g 2,402MHz to 2,480MHz UART, AIO, GPIO, USB, PCM, I2S, I2C 20m 0.1% BER at -96 dBm 3.3V to 4.7V DC *-40c to 85C *-40C to 105C No


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