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Manufacturer's part number Product description Qty


Micrometals – Global leader in iron powder cores

Micrometals, Inc. established in 1951, is committed to supplying high quality iron powder cores to meet the needs of the electronics industry. Micrometals is an engineering driven organization offering powder core solutions with the widest catalog selection of materials, sizes and shapes and the ability to also quickly provide custom geometries and customized materials to suit specific application requirements.

In addition to the standard core catalog items, Micrometals will gladly produce custom shapes and sizes. Several key benefits of iron powder as a core material are:

  1. custom and proprietary tooling are relatively inexpensive,
  2. special prototypes can be machined from blocks of material for preliminary evaluation,
  3. cores can be manufactured in a variety of heights from any of the materials shown without additional tooling charges.

For Power Conversion applications
Iron Powder

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For RF applications
RF series

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For high temperature applications
200C series

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R-Series DC/DC converters

Acal BFi’s comprehensive power portfolio has broadened even further with the addition of RSG’s R-Series, with our power offer now consisting of all sizes of DC/DC converters and footprints, a full range of wattages, all output types, full, semi or unregulated whilst supporting both THT and SMT. RSG have over 25 years of industry experience in the custom design of highly specialised power supplies, and have transferred this knowledge into their portfolio of low wattage converters for industrial markets. Whether you need high-power customised solutions or standard DC/DC converters then Acal BFi have the power to support you.

RS/RD series DC/DC converters from RSG

Available in SIL4, SIL6, SIL7, SIL8 and SIL12 packages
0.25W - 9W

RS/RD series DC/DC converters from RSG

Available in DIL8, DIL14 and DIL16 packages
0.25W - 2W

RT series DC/DC converters from RSG

DIL8-SMD, DIL10-SMD, DIL14-SMD and DIL16-SMD packages
1W - 3W

RR series DC/DC converters from RSG

DIL24 package
1.5W - 15W

RV series DC/DC converters from RSG

Available in 1 x 1 inch and 2 x 1 inch packages
15W - 60W

RSVR series DC/DC converters from RSG

SIL3 non-isolated switching DC/DC converter available in 0.5A - 1A


Signal processing

The main applications for signal processing are telecom line filters, proximity sensors, signal and pulse transformers, delay lines and antennae.

Ferroxcube offer outstanding technologies and products for telecommunications equipment manufacturers. For example, Ferroxcube have introduced the high-permeability material 3B46 for filter applications with high bias current. In combination with the virtually unlimited core shape variety offered by Ferroxcube, almost any technical challenge can be addressed.

Materials MnZn   Materials NiZn
  • 3B46
  • 3H3
  • 3D3
  • 3B7
  • 4C65
  • 4A11



Largest Iron Powder Core stock in Europe

Micrometals runs its largest stock outside of Asia at the Acal BFi warehouse in Dietzenbach (Consignment stock).

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