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Specialists in fibre optic cabling solutions

Founded in Norway in 1984, and now a discoverIE Group plc company, the FOSS Group have over 30 years' experience as a leading designer and manufacturer of fibre optic products.

A comprehensive range of standardised stocked products covers most common requirements, and includes single and multimode cable assemblies, patch panels and enclosures, WDM and splitter products, as well as tools for termination and testing.

The FOSS Group's expertise is in the quick production and delivery of customised solutions, such as tailored cable assemblies and pre-assembled, ready-to-install fibre optic management kits.

Manufacturing is split between Norway and Slovakia, where Optocon Technologies – a FOSS Group subsidiary – are located, and all products are tested according to international standards including DIN/EN, IEC, and EIA/TIA.

Fibre optic cable assemblies

Order patch cords, pre-terminated trunk cables and other assemblies with your choice of cable type, length, and combination of connectors.

Assembly types:


  • Industry standard: SC, LC, FC, MU, E2000, DIN, ST, MTRJ
  • Ruggedised: Expanded Beam and IP68

Fibre types:

  • Singlemode - OS1, OS2
  • Multimode - OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
  • Standard or bend-insensitive


  • Indoor, outdoor, industrial, armoured
  • All meet technical fire and smoke requirements

All assemblies pass final optical testing which covers full measurement of insertion and return loss.

Fibre optic management products

Configure 19-inch patch panels, wall-mount boxes or DIN-rail enclosures and receive them pre-fitted with adapters, pigtails or trunk cables.

Enclosure types:

Enclosures supplied empty, or pre-fitted with:

19 inch racks, cable management and Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) solutions are also available.

Fibre optic filters and splitters


Increase the capacity of existing fibre cable with wavelength multiplexing. WDM, CWDM and DWDM filters enable several wavelengths or signals to be transferred over the same fibre cable. Additionally, OADM multiplexers allow wavelengths to be introduced or dropped between end points. Passive wavelength multiplexing is protocol and therefore bit rate independent.


Passive splitters distribute optical signals to multiple fibre cables without changing the wavelength, and can therefore deliver the same signal to multiple users. Signals may be sent both ways through the splitter (typically in passive networks).


xWDM and splitters are supplied pre-mounted in panels or DIN-rail boxes:

  • Modular panel FPM76:
    • 1U panels for 3 xWDM or splitter modules
    • 3U for 12 xWDM or splitter modules
  • DIN-rail box with 4 or 8 channel CWDM

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