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SL Power

SL Power Electronics – a global leader in power supplies

SL Power Electronics Corporation (SL Power) are the largest division of SL Industries (SLI). They manufacture high-performance, power-conversion products, primarily for medical devices but also for high-end, LED-lighting and test-and-measurement systems. They offer a broad range of internal and external AC/DC switch-mode power supplies from 10 to 1200 Watts, either as off-the-shelf standard products, modified standard or full custom solutions.

Headquartered in Ventura, California, SL Power were formed by the merger of Ault and Condor, industry leaders for over 30 years in their respective segments of externally and internally mounted standard and custom power-conversion solutions. With production facilities in Mexico and China, as well as sales and engineering offices in North America, Europe and Asia, SL Power serve OEM customers worldwide.

Power supplies for critical industrial, ITE and test and measurement equipment

Clean and reliable power is essential to meet the critical performance specifications of industrial, ITE and test and measurement applications. Accurate testing of electronic systems requires dependable power with low electromagnetic interference (EMI) and reduced common mode noise in order to protect the measurement circuit from external environmental Influences.

SL Power’s internal and external power supplies are designed to:

  • the most stringent levels of EMC and EMI compliance
  • the highest efficiency levels (such as DOE Level VI) global safety standards, and
  • provide long-life reliability (e-caps lifetime more than 10 years)

SL Power‘s power supplies are a perfect fit for electronic test-and-measurement equipment such as oscilloscopes, analysers or meters, as well as for analytical devices used in spectrometry, chromatography or thermal measurement.



Power supplies for vital medical devices

SL Power have been the market leader in power solutions for medical devices for over 30 years under the Condor and Ault brand names, leveraging their extensive experience in various medical applications and knowledge of medical-device regulatory standards.

SL Power’s medical product families are certified to:

  • IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition
  • IEC 60601-1-2 4th Edition and EN55011 (EMC requirements), and
  • 2x Means of Patient Protection (MOPP)

Leading medical device manufacturers (such as those producing robotic surgery systems and patient monitoring equipment) trust in the precise engineering of SL Power’s power supplies, which feature the highest convection ratings, lowest leakage current, and the most superior EMI/EMC performance in the industry.



Power supplies for high-performance lighting concepts

Professional illumination systems in the entertainment business, such as theatrical or other stage lighting, have some very specific requirements regarding power solutions. They must:

  • be long life and of the highest reliability (for example achieved by long life electrolytic capacitors with low equivalent series resistance)
  • have a highly efficient thermal design for high temperature applications, and
  • be compact in size

Similar requirement apply for outdoor applications such as LED signage and architectural lighting. As well as the above requirements, durability in harsh environments is key. SL Power‘s external LED power supplies meet IP67 criteria as well as the stringent EMC and safety standards.