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Specialists in EMC shielding and thermally conductive products

Specialists in EMC shielding and thermally conductive products

MTC (Micro Tech Components) are a leading manufacturer of high quality products for electromagnetic shielding and heat dissipation. In addition to the extensive range of standard components, MTC provide customers with individual services and support – including consulting in projects as well as the development and production of individual solutions.

MTC, a discoverIE Group plc company, are a sister company to Acal BFi, enabling us to consult and supply customers of different industries such as automotive, avionics, medical, telecommunications and renewable energy around the globe.


MTC produce a broad range of components and materials for the shielding of electromagnetic radiation, such as fabric-over-foam gaskets, electrically conductive foams, elastomers, tapes and contact springs.

Key EMC shielding capabilities

Fabric-over-foam gaskets

Fabric-over-foam gaskets from MTC

Available with either aluminum foil cover or conductive fabric with copper-nickel coating these polyurethane foam cores come in three hardness grades and are fitted with a choice of conductive or non-conductive adhesives.


Conductive foams, elastomers, tapes

Conductive foams, elastomers, tapes from MTC

Electrically conductive materials of all shapes and sizes are used to shield and seal a multitude of applications. Various metals and materials are available in different dimensions, thickness, hardness, etc.


Metal products

Metal products from MTC

MTC’s contact strips are mainly used for chassis shielding. Board-level shields, SMD contacts and shielding clips are used for shielding on the PCB.


Additional EMC shielding capabilities

Shielded windows

Shielded windows from MTC

Enabling easy shielding of cut outs in enclosures for display systems. Available as transparent fully laminated mesh windows, die-casted plastic windows and glass/plastic windows with electrically conductive coating. Contact us for more information.


Honeycomb vent panels

Honeycomb vent panels from MTC

Ventilation panels for use in electronic enclosures which require good air flow and EMC compliance. Applications include electronic enclosures, air conditioning units, fan housings, EMC racks and communication shelters. Contact us for more information.


Microwave absorbers

Microwave absorbers from MTC

Used to lower the "Q" of a cavity and absorb surface currents which degrade component performance. Fillers are "lossy" at microwave frequencies and absorb the microwave energy into heat. Contact us for more information.


MTC have a portfolio of products to optimise heat transfer between components and the cooling mechanism. These include thermally conductive paste, gap filler, conductive tapes, conductive insulators, dual sheet thermal and absorber.

Gap filler

Gap filler from MTC

Gap fillers are ideally suited for the bridging of small to large distances between the components and the heat sink. They are available as sheet material or stamped parts.


Phase change material

Phase change material from MTC

MTC's phase change material is based on wax and starts to melt and flow at temperatures between 45°C and 55°C. It is available in different material thicknesses and delivery forms.



Paste from MTC

Conductive paste is characterised by its excellent thermal properties. The product range includes paste with a thermal conductivity from 1.0 to 6.0 W/m*K.


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