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Manufacturer's part number Product description Qty


Introducing Lantronix

Lantronix, are an innovative global provider of IoT and M2M networking solutions – secure communication connectivity that simplifies deployment, remote access and management of IoT projects. Providing secure IoT connectivity for both legacy equipment and new devices. The Lantronix portfolio of IoT Gateways includes a range of secure wired and wireless enterprise solutions for virtually any device providing network connectivity, remote device management and cloud connectivity within one solution.

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Applications across many industries can benefit from Lantronix solutions, including security, industrial and building automation, transportation, energy, retail, financial, government, consumer electronics, medical, and IT.

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Embedded IoT Gateways

Lantronix portfolio of IoT Gateways includes a wide range of solutions designed to deliver secure wired and wireless connectivity for virtually any device.

XPort Edge

xPico 200

PremierWave 2050


Embedded Wired Ethernet Gateway

The XPort® EDGE is the next generation embedded serial to Ethernet module in the same patented form-factor as the original XPort®.

It’s the only network communications engine for secure IoT connectivity and remote management that fits within a standard Ethernet connector. Requiring minimal engineering effort, the XPort®EDGE allows device manufacturers to add fully integrated, secure Ethernet connectivity and control to products within a few weeks.


• Network & IoT Offload
• Full IoT Gateway Functionality in a single RJ45 package
• Industrial-grade Security
• Robust Data Handling
• Integrated Device Manageability
• Cloud Ready
• Faster Time to Market
• Lower TCO
• Quickest Integration
• Pre-integration with MACH10® IoT platform
• Remote updates and device management via Lantronix Gateway Central™
• Built-in web server for device communication and configuration

The xPico 200 Series

The Lantronix® xPico® 200 series of embedded Wi-Fi® gateways offer one of the smallest and highly integrated industrial Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth® solutions that enable you to deliver and manage secure connected products without added complexity and risk. All featuring Industrial-grade design for operation in extreme environments (-40 C to +85 C), Pre-integration with MACH10® IoT platform and remote updates and device management via Lantronix Gateway Central™

xPico®270 (Coming soon)

Dual Band Wi-Fi & Bluetooth v4.2 Embedded IoT Gateway

The apex of industrial Wi-Fi connectivity, featuring advanced enterprise security, intelligent networking, production ready software, and pre-integration with the MACH10 IoT cloud platform, xPico 270 embedded IoT gateways enable OEMs to go-to-market faster with industrial IoT solutions.

datasheet - coming soon


Embedded 802.11a/g/b/n
Dual Band Wi-Fi & Bluetooth v4.2 Combo IoT Gateway

The gold standard for secure managed industrial Wi-Fi connectivity in a small footprint. Delivering seamless and secure Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the xPico 250 embedded IoT gateway allows OEMS to build and deploy smart connected products with reduced complexity and lower risk with enterprise level security.


Embedded 802.11a/g/b/n
Dual Band Wi-Fi IoT Gateway

Industrial-grade high performance Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity with enterprise security. Delivering seamless and secure Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, the xPico 240 embedded IoT gateway allows OEMS to build and deploy their smart connected products with reduced development costs, complexity and lower risk.

Model Wi-Fi & Ethernet Bluetooth Dual U.FL On-module & single U.FL LGA Edge Connector
XPC2401 - - -
XPC2402 - - -
XPC2403 - - -
XPC2404 - - -
XPC2501 - -
XPC2503 - -


PremierWave 2050

Reliable, Industrial Grade dual band 802.11ac Wi-Fi Connectivity

Delivering reliable and always on 5G Wi-Fi® (802.11ac) connectivity, the Lantronix® PremierWave® 2050 is a series of embedded modules designed specifically for sensitive, mission critical, industrial and commercial applications. With a production ready software stack and modular RF certification, the PremierWave 2050 simplifies deployments and accelerates availability of robust WLAN connected IoT products.

• Production Ready
• Integrated Enterprise Security
• Designed for Industrial and Commercial Applications


Model Wi-Fi (ac/b/g/n) & Ethernet USB Dual U.FL Chip antenna & U.FL LGA Thru-hole
PW20501 - -
PW20502 - -
PW20503 - - -

External gateways

From medical devices to industrial machinery, Lantronix provides OEMs and system integrators with secure enterprise-class solutions that provide network connectivity, remote device management, cloud connectivity, and edge analytics for brownfield equipment and next generation connected devices.

SGX 5150 MD

Medical Device Gateway

Optimize healthcare operations with this highly versatile, secure, and IEC-60601 certified Lantronix® SGX 5150 MD IoT device gateway. Its advanced turnkey design provides everything needed to benefit from tracking hospital assets to managing critical patient data.

  • Improve Patient Care
    The SGX 5150 MD enables healthcare professionals to access and monitor patients’ health status in real-time. With accurate and on-demand insight into a patient’s health status, doctors and nurses can deliver more personalised treatments and improve their patients’ quality of life.

  • Strong Security with InfiniShield™ Technology
    Designed to support critical assets and protect operations from unauthorized access, giving peace of mind that data is always secure.

  • Lower Operational Costs
    Facilitating the delivery of data to private or public cloud infrastructure so that assets can always be tracked. For expedited asset tracking, utilise the Lantronix MACH10® Gateway Central™ management solution.

  • Future-proofed for connectivity
    Provides multiple interface options to connect to virtually any medical asset and supports legacy serial interfaces with a single or dual RS-232 ports, USB 2.0 with host and device modes and Ethernet interfaces.

  • High-Performance Wireless Connectivity
    Equipped with 5GHz (802.11ac) Wi-Fi ensuring reliable and persistent connection for high speed data processing.

SGX 5150

Industrial IoT Device Gateway

A next generation IoT device gateway that allows secure connection of business-critical assets and data to an enterprise network. An advanced turnkey design providing everything needed for wireless connectivity.

  • High performance Wi-Fi
    Equipped with 5GHz (802.11ac) Wi-Fi ensuring reliable and persistent enterprise connection for high speed data processing.

  • Edge-to-cloud integration
    The SGX 5150 IoT Device Gateway is Microsoft Azure certified and can also be integrated with 3rd party cloud services such as Amazon Web Services IoT.

  • Essential IoT Applications
    Includes essential apps that deliver multi-interface connectivity, full networking, extensive security and configuration management.

  • Multi-Interface Access
    The SGX 5150 provides multiple interface options to connect to virtually any edge asset with singular or multiple RS-232/485 serial ports, USB 2.0 with host and device modes and Ethernet interfaces.

  • TruPort Security
    esigned from the ground up to support critical enterprise, government and military grade standards, so that private data is delivered securely with absolute data integrity.

Model Medical 10/100
Ethernet & Wi-Fi
USB 2.0 Serial 1 Serial 2 POE
SGX5150000xs - - - -
SGX5150102xs - RS232 - -
SGX5150103xs - RS232 -
SGX5150202xs - RS232 RS232 -
SGX5150205xs - RS232
SGX51501M2xs RS232 - -
SGX51502M2xs RS232 RS232 -


Management software

Production-ready, industrial grade device management solutions that enable you to scale faster and maintain and manage multiple devices and gateways centrally.

Stay ahead of competition with an IoT solution that includes device life cycle management.

MACH10™ Global Device Manager

The IoT Application Development and Deployment Platform

Deliver a higher quality product experience while reducing support costs with MACH10 Global Device Manager.

A ready-to-use, on-premise and cloud-hosted software that enables operational visibility and centralised management of your connected devices. Through a single software, MACH10 Global Device Manager allows you to maintain the health, connectivity and security of your products remotely on any device.

  • Multi-Tenant & Role-based Access:
    Architected from the ground up, MACH10® Global Device Manager supports multi-tenancy and role-based access so OEMs can deliver device management capabilities to their partners and customers.

  • Enhanced Features:
    Custom device groups, dashboards, visualization, and Google-like elastic search for an enhanced user experience.

  • OEM Customization:
    Look and feel, branding, and custom URLs for a true OEM solution.

  • Industrial Grade:
    Unlike other solutions in the market, MACH10® Global Device Manager is built for scalable Industrial IoT deployments with 30 person-years of engineering effort.

Gateway Central™

Device management service

A simple, scalable, and secure way to maintain, manage and monitor a fleet of gateways with this secure Cloud-based Device Management Service.

Lantronix Gateway Central is a secure, cloud-based device management service for embedded and external device gateways that can carry out remote monitoring and maintenance of large IoT connectivity deployments using Lantronix IoT gateways - dramatically reducing field support costs and downtime while improving customer satisfaction.

  • Powerful Monitoring:
    Get real time alerts and visualize IoT telemetry and connectivity data from Lantronix IoT gateways delivered to multiple dashboards as actionable insights to maximize the uptime and performance.

  • Remote configuration and Firmware Updates:
    Custom groupings, dashboards, visualization, Google-like search can be remotely configured with firmware updates.

  • Easy Largescale Deployment:
    Create or modify custom configuration templates to gateway groups based on the software parameters of an existing gateway or from scratch using XML.



Embedded product comparison matrix
The xPico 250 Embedded IoT gateway

SGX 5150 IoT Device Gateway

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