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Reliable and efficient semi-custom and standard power supplies

Reliable and efficient semi-custom and standard power supplies

Cincon are a global supplier of high efficiency and high reliability switch mode power conversion solutions. Their uniquely broad product range features over 1,200 standard products, including single and multiple output DC/DC converters, single and multiple output AC adapters, and open-frame and enclosed AC/DC power modules. Platform-based approaches provide a wide range of customisation options and fast prototyping to suit individual needs.

Founded on 25 years of experience designing innovative solutions, Cincon stand for high quality technology that is manufactured in world class production facilities, and supported by rapid around-the-world expert customer support.

Defining industry-leading AC/DC power performance

Owing to innovative technology that transforms heat-sink casing into higher efficiency converters, Cincon’s AC/DC open-frame and enclosed modules offer power performances that are unmatched in the marketplace. Products range from 5W to1600W and can be adapted to suit specific requirements.


CFM361S: The world’s only high-efficiency open-frame module that increases output when closed

The CFM361S series combines innovation with exceptional performance. As an open-frame, the module is convection cooled and provides a 300W power output. When adding the cover, which serves as a heatsink, its performance increases by 20% to 360W. This high-efficiency performance is unique in the marketplace!

  • Very high efficiency, typically up to 93.5%
  • 3 x 5 inch compact size
  • High power density up to 15W/Inch³
  • Universal input range 90~264VAC
CFM361S: The world’s only high-efficiency open-frame module that increases output when closed

Exceptional quality wall-mount and desk-top AC adapters

Cincon offer a comprehensive portfolio of reliable and robust yet price competitive external AC adapters for various applications, including medical devices. Available from 6W to 150W, these adapters can be semi-customised by Acal BFi according to your needs (e.g. labelling, cord length, plugs).


TRG70-PL: High reliability desk-top AC adapters with Peak Load capability

The new Peak Load versions of the renowned TRG70 series provide an almost doubled peak current compared to their average max load current. With this, the TRG70A240-PL01 (24V) and TRG70A150-PL01 (15V) are perfectly suited for powering devices with high start-up currents, such as fans and printers.

  • Peak current ~2x average load for up to 1.5s
  • Avoid high cost for unnecessarily over-dimensioned power supplies
  • Meets EN55022 class B and CISPR/FCC class B
  • Universal input range of 90-264VAC
TRG70-PL: High reliability desk-top AC adapters with Peak Load capability

Unparalleled range of power – from a single Watt to 700W high power DC/DC conversion

Cincon produce the largest variety of high efficiency and high reliability DC/DC converters in the world. With products ranging from 1W to 700W, these industry grade solutions are semi-customisable to suit individual application requirements. No matter if you need a tiny SIL4 1W converter or 700W in a full brick – you can always rely on Cincon’s outstanding product quality and reliability.

DC/DC converters from Cincon

CFB series: One of the industry’s most powerful DC/DC converters in full brick size

The CFB600 series offers one of the highest power ratings coming from any full brick in the market. Nominally providing 600W in various output voltages, its high-power variant CFB700 is even capable of outputting 25A at 28V, making it a true 700W converter.

Custom voltages are also available. Contact us for more information.

  • 600-700W isolated output
  • Efficiency up to 92%
  • Full brick size
  • Remote on/off
  • Input Under Voltage protection
CFB series DC/DC converter from Cincon
Semi-custom power supplies from Acal BFi

Semi-custom, standards-compliant power solutions

We work closely with Cincon to develop strong technical relationships with customers and create semi-customised solutions based on Cincon’s platform-based standard products.

If you need a customised power supply for your application, we can provide tailored solutions based on Cincon’s range of highly efficient and reliable products.

Our in-house experts can design and deliver standards compliant, fully-tested semi-custom power solutions from tens of Watts to Kilowatts, and all custom solutions are manufactured in our ISO9001 accredited facilities.


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