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When resource or capacity is limited, our in house team of technical specialists have the experience and design expertise to develop customised solutions. Partnering with carefully selected and trusted suppliers we can provide a cost effective solution.

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Cables and Connectors
Cable assemblies

We can design and manufacture a wide range of cable assemblies, harnesses and flexes.

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Pre-compliance testing

With a three-metre long EMC chamber, we offer pre-compliance testing. The facility supports testing for conducted and radiated emissions, and allows testing to EN55022.

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Backlit capacitive switching

With our extensive product knowledge and expertise, we can advise you on the best capacitive touch screen and illumination solutions for your application.

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Embedded computing
Lifecycle management

Acal BFi help to optimise the life time of your design with a set of solutions that are tailored to fit your application’s product lifecycle.

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Design and engineering

During your design phase our experienced engineering team draws from their wide supplier and technology portfolio to recommend practical and innovative solutions for your applications, be they individual boards or complete platforms, off the shelf or customised.

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Assembly and integration

Our solutions can be customised with enclosures, panels and labelling, and we can also install customer application software and develop functional test routines to suit your specific application. All this removes the hassle from your team and allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your project with confidence.

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Fibre optic components
Cable assemblies

When you need optical fibre-based cable assemblies for demanding applications, Acal BFi, working with industry leader OFS, have the right answer for you.

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OEM camera module integration

From start to finish, Acal BFi provide design, engineering and after-sales support to OEM thermal imaging module customers, giving you a seamless service.

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European calibration and repair centre

Our European repair centre has been established to provide a local, dedicated service to OEMs and military and commercial end users who buy cooled thermal-imaging equipment from Acal BFi. These repairs would otherwise have been done in the USA.

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M2M and Wireless modules
Wireless module design

We can provide custom designed modules and packaged integration solutions including production volumes.

Magnetic components
Customised transformers

We can design and customise transformers at any stage of your project – from design to production.

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Customised inductors

We can offer a complete customisation service, from a wide choice of soft magnetic cores to the design and manufacture of finished inductive components.

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Customised accessories

We offer a complete in-house design process, with our expert engineers working closely with you at every stage of your project. We can design specialist housings, base plates, bobbins and clips to increase thermal heat dissipation, make the best use of available space and protect customised core shapes.

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Customised lasers

Combining Ekspla’s knowledge and facilities with our own in-house expertise developed over 30 years means we listen to your needs and have the flexibility to design and develop a product that meets them exactly.

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Customised coatings

Working with Precision Photonics Corp, a leading name in the field, we can offer a range of thin-film coating options that help reduce damage and improve the working lifespan of your components.

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Fully-customised power solutions

When an off-the-shelf solution does not exist, talk to Acal BFi about designing a fully-customised power solution.

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Semi-customised, standards-compliant power solutions

Forgotten the power supply? Let Acal BFi design a semi-custom, standards-compliant power solution for your application using readily available, off-the-shelf modules and building blocks.

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RF and Frequency control
Customised filters

Reduce time to market with our custom RF-filter design service.

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We can supply flash-based microcontrollers fully programmed with your code, giving you devices that can be directly used in the manufacturing process with no additional processing steps.

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Customised sensor housings

Working with your engineers to understand what sensor element is required, we design suitable housing for the application, add the appropriate cable and connectors, and provide you with a bespoke sensor probe that is ready to use in your environment.

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Customised temperature probes

We can deliver temperature-sensing probes designed to meet your specific requirements and reducing your time to market.

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