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Connector and cable expertise from start to finish

Acal BFi offer an end-to-end service for fibre-optic projects, combining our relationships with key suppliers and our own in-house expertise. This blend of products and services allows us to deliver a complete project to you, from concept to final production.

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Complete on-site termination service

We offer a wide range of fibre-optic services, from initial design advice and producing customer drawings to assembly services and in-house and on-site termination. Our established working relationships with specialist providers mean we can access the latest technologies and devices to bring cutting-edge fibre optics to your project.

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All the interconnect accessories and backshells you need

To complement our comprehensive range of interconnect products, Acal BFi supply a wide variety of backshells, boots, cable ties and other accessories to ensure that your connections are always properly protected. Working with leading brands in the sector, we have the knowledge, skills and stock to fulfil all your requirements.

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Keep your connectors working even in the harshest environments

With years of experience in sourcing and supplying connectors, Acal BFi have access to a comprehensive range of products that are designed to work in tough conditions. In partnership with prominent interconnect manufacturers we offer connectors that provide protection from dust, dirt and water.

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