Cost-reducing assembly and integration services

Acal BFi offer assembly and integration services for our range of embedded computing solutions, allowing customers to reduce time and cost getting products to market.

Our solutions can be customised with enclosures, panels and labelling, and we can also install customer application software and develop functional test routines to suit your specific application. All this removes the hassle from your team and allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your project with confidence.

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With many years of experience, we can help you in a number of ways.

  • Sub assembly integration – many applications use an open architecture single board computer (ATCA blade through to a VME SBC) fitted with a number of I/O mezzanines (IP modules through to AMCs) from a variety of vendors. Acal BFi can configure these sub-assemblies, install customer application code and provide a tested proven unit reducing customer inventory and engineering effort.
  • Platform integration – Acal BFi installs board-level products into a standard or custom enclosure complete with power, cooling and interconnects and operating system, providing customers with a development or production application-ready platform. Again this offers proven solutions that minimise customer overheads. We are able to support solutions from small mobile solutions through to large rack-based multiprocessor systems suitable for all environments.
  • Custom solutions – in partnership with our suppliers and customers, Acal BFi develops custom hardware solutions based around one of our wide range of COMs (Computers on Module) with an application-specific base board. This gives you the performance and scalability of an industry-standard computing module combined with the flexibility of a custom design application base board, reducing time to market.

These options, coupled with our wide range of products from leading manufactures, engineering support and lifecycle management services, support you throughout your product or programme from initial design to end of life.

Custom assembly in action

We have many examples of our assembly and integration services at work. These include support and training systems for military sensors, where we configured 19'' racks with multiple VME chassis with processor and I/O blades, network switches and fibre-optic cabling for deployment as training and support of the operational systems. We have also worked with customers to develop a complete control system for a medical scanner using a Power PC single board computer with custom fieldbus PMCs, casing, cooling and custom PSU. We installed customer application code and manufacture and supply to customer forecast.

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