Safe, affordable obstruction lighting

Obstruction lighting

Tall structures are required to have lighting that allows for the safe flight and navigation of aircrafts. Failure to light these structures correctly could result in legal action from national aviation organisations, and businesses are required to absorb the cost of buying, installing, running and maintaining these obstruction lights. Reducing these significant costs whilst maintaining high standards of lighting can be achieved with the right obstruction lights.

All-LED obstruction lighting

Acal BFi work closely with Dialight, a company that specialises in lighting solutions. The company produces a range of all-LED lights which have been designed to take the hassle out of obstruction lighting. Traditionally, lights are expensive to buy, and, because they require a lot of electricity 24 hours a day, they are costly to run. In addition, maintenance needs to be carried out safely and so when a bulb fails, the cost of replacement is high.

LED lighting works at lower voltages – a Dialight L864/L865 LED beacon, for example, works from a 48VDC supply, in contrast to a standard Xenon light which works at much higher voltages of around 200VDC. Lower voltages make lighting safer for the people working around them, but also result in considerable savings on running costs.

Engineered for challenging environments

Towers, bridges, chimney stacks, wind turbines and many more structures require this type of lighting, which must be robust enough to work in all weathers and to withstand vibration, shock and other external factors. The obstruction lighting we supply is IP66 rated, durable and has a long life expectancy, allowing you to save on maintenance costs. Precise optics, using patented technology, means no ground light dissipation, making them ideal for structures in cities or busy neighbourhoods. In addition, Dialight lights eliminate RF interference from mobile-phone networks, keeping your lighting efficient at all times.

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