Ensure optical product quality with Altechna's metrology services

Ensure optical product quality with Altechna's metrology services Optical products are used in a wide variety of applications, and whether they are part of a simple optical system or a much more complex industrial setup, every parameter of every element is critical to the performance of the system.

To ensure overall product reliability, Altechna's qualified metrology laboratory offer an array of laser optics quality tests, including:

  • Optical surface quality measurements
  • Measurement of transmittance and reflectance in 190-1100 nm range
  • Surface flatness, measurement of wavefront distortion of flat and spherical optics
  • Angle measurements for prisms, wedges and other optics
  • Non-contact ROC, focal length measurements

A variety of custom tests are also available on request, and each product tested is supplied with a detailed quality report.

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We are the exclusive European representative for Altechna. To find out more about any of the metrology services, or to get a quote, contact our photonics team.

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