Electrical fans that work under water

Thermal fans

Large or intensive electrical systems require cooling fans to ensure that components do not overheat. Finding the right cooling fan for your application is an important part of the design process, and the fan that you choose will depend on a number of factors including size, performance, noise levels and durability.

Continued cooling in wet conditions

For some systems, cooling is difficult because the fan may be temporarily submerged in or sprayed by water, and standard fans may stop working in these conditions. The solution is to invest in cooling fans that have been designed and proven to work even when they come into contact with water.

Acal BFi work closely with YS Technology Corporation, a leading brand in the industry, to offer customers a range of fans which continue to work even when submerged to a level of 1m. These fans will work for around 30 minutes once submerged, which means your equipment is safeguarded until the water issues are removed or solved.

Protecting against critical failures

Where electrical system design is concerned, there are many reasons why a cooling fan may fail. In harsh environments, exposure to salt, acid, oil and other potentially corrosive materials can damage the cooling fan which in turn disrupts the system. Planning ahead to reduce the possibility of these failures is particularly important in offshore, military, telecommunications, medical and air conditioning applications. Choosing a fan that will continue to work when it comes into contact with water, and is also tested against a variety of corrosive materials, will help your design be robust and reliable.

Design and engineering support

Acal BFi offer all customers our expert design and engineering support throughout your project. With experience in providing cooling fans for a range of applications, we can help you to choose and source the right fan system, and assemble it for you, using our full range of IP-approved products. We can fit your fan to customised enclosures or panels, giving you a complete service every time.

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