DVR Express Core 2 MAX: Next generation uncompressed solid-state video recorder from IO Industries

CORE2 MAXNew generation of fast, high resolution camera’s for extended time in uncompassed format.

Io Industries is now shipping a new family of CORE2 MAX DVR's that enable to record the new generation of fast, high resolution camera's for extended time in uncompressed format. Aimed directly at applications where camera data correlation and capture accuracy is the upmost importance.

The DVR Express® Core 2 MAX is an uncompressed solid-state video recorder with integrated synchronization, timing and video monitoring features. Core 2 MAX makes quick work of ingesting up to four channels of high-speed digital video, storing it immediately to reliable and high-capacity solid state storage, with an easy-to-use software interface that combines operational controls, system status and real-time video display.


  • Three models available; record from either Camera Link, CoaXPress or 3G/HD/SD-SDI camera sources
  • Four video inputs per DVR allows recording multi-link cameras or up to four separate cameras
  • Uncompressed recording to solid state storage at up to 2240 MB/s
  • Control software is provided for Windows and Ubuntu platforms and an API is available for advanced programming.
  • High-capacity storage (up to 22.5TB) for long-duration high-speed recordings
  • Integrated IRIG time code receiver for high-precision timestamps
  • Optional integrated GPS receiver for precise geo-referencing of video frames
  • Four 3G/HD-SDI outputs for low-latency video monitoring
  • Rugged removable drive cartridges for sensitive data transfer in confidential applications
  • U Half-Rack form factor: 8.5x3.4x16.1” (WxHxL), approx. 14lbs (depending on installed media)


  • Robust dedicated hardware solution
  • Optimal synchronization and time stamping of multi camera systems
  • No frame drops
  • Easy to use
  • Scalable solution / multiple recorders controlled from 1 PC
  • Fast downloads
  • Rack mountable
  • Recording package available (camera + DVR)

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