Complete on-site termination service

Fibre optic termination

Acal BFi are recognised as a leader in fibre optics, with a dedicated in-house engineering team that can help you manage your project from start to finish. Part of this service is our on-site capability, which means we can become part of your team, giving you the benefit of our expertise and know-how to ensure your fibre-optic systems and devices are installed, terminated and maintained to the highest standards.

Fibre optics in harsh environments

We have over 15 years’ experience in handling fibre-optic engineering for a wide range of applications and environments. To date, our projects have included termination on top of motorway gantries, on oil rigs, and inside naval warships and submarines. We carry out our work to a number of approvals, including military standard devices. In addition to termination, we also offer a complete maintenance and repair service, so you know your system is always in safe hands. We work with fibre-optic rotary joints, and offer OTDR testing to ensure signal integrity.

Team up with Acal BFi

We offer a wide range of fibre-optic services, from initial design advice and producing customer drawings to assembly services and in-house and on-site termination. Our established working relationships with specialist providers mean we can access the latest technologies and devices to bring cutting-edge fibre optics to your project.

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