Complete access control switch solutions

Vandal proof switches

Helping you design and deliver a complete access control system, Acal BFi have everything you need to succeed – from touch pads to vandal-proof switches. Our experience in this area means we can give you expert advice at every stage of your project, identifying, sourcing and delivering the best switches for your needs.

Exceptional product range

Our relationships with manufacturers around the world, such as Schurter, Bulgin, IGT, Algra and ITW means we can offer an exceptional product range, allowing you to choose from the latest technologies, and access cost-effective, high-quality devices, including:

  • front panels
  • membrane keypads
  • metal line keypads
  • touch panels
  • capacitive touch screen
  • push-button switches, and
  • illuminated switches.

These switches are designed to make your system as reliable as possible, so we offer both capacitive and inductive solutions as well as switches with electric shock protection, weather-resistant materials, ingress protection and vandal-proof designs. You can source everything you need for an access control system from Acal BFi – no need to go from one supplier to the other trying to match specifications and delivery schedules.

Latest switching technology

Constantly looking for new innovations through internal research and development, our suppliers offer the very latest in switch technology. This includes materials that are treated for corrosion, switches that are ergonomically designed for easy use, rugged, fully-sealed switches and buttons, and new more reliable switching technologies that save energy and money.

Putting it all together

At Acal BFi we match our switches product range with a selection of customised services that are designed to make your life as easy as possible. From providing sample kits and engineering consultation and support to cross-referencing Military Standards and handling bespoke panel design, we work with you throughout your project to make sure you have access to the best products and services for your design.

Custom shapes and sizes, limited only by the engineer’s imagination

Micrometals and Acal BFi. Micrometals are one of the world leaders in the production of high quality, low-cost iron-powder cores - offering an unrivalled customisation service.

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Finding the solution to challenging high-frequency requirements with established materials

Discover how your magnetic component designs and applications can benefit from carbonyl iron powder - Using a tried-and-tested material from a different sector.

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We put the power in your industrial application

Our portfolio covers every possible power supply scenario. From creating your own bespoke power supply with SynQor bricks, to flexible, user-configurable modular products from Excelsys, internal open-frame designs from SL Power to cost-effective, plug-and-play external supplies from Cincon, we put the power in your industrial application.

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