Flow Switch for Direct Switching of Pump

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Description :

The FSP10 is designed for directly controlling an electric pump that is providing increased pressure or flow within water systems that are gravity fed from storage tanks. The device has to be fitted in the pipe above the pump.

The FSP10 starts up the pump when the flow rate through the device exceeds 0.6 l/min, so giving an increased flow and pressure, dependant on the pump capacity. A flow of less than 0.6 l/min , or 3.0 l/min depending on version, whether due to a lack of supply (e.g. tank empty) or to a decrease in demand(e.g. tap closing), will turn the pump off again.

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  • Direct switching of pumps up to 4A inductive
  • 0.6 l/min or 3.0 l/min turn on flow rate
  • Automatic shut down on flow stop
  • Supply and pump electrical connections terminated within case with cable glands at entry
  • 1"BSP pipe connections