400V AC 92mm Square Flange Mount SPDT Switch

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Description :

The SH-7 series are 92mm square flange mount float operated level switches. This design uses a pivoted float arm with a magnet on the inboard end. This magnet when moved by the rising float arm interacts with another magnet in the switch enclosure to give a snap action operation.

Two switching options are available using either microswitches or reed switches, for different switching power and operating temperature ranges.

There are also two float sizes available of either 150x50mm or 150x41mm.

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  • 92 x 92 mm Square Flange mount
  • SS 316L float material
  • SS 304 other wetted parts material
  • Available in direct switching version for use at up to 100°C or low power switching at up to 200°C
  • Aluminium enclosure with screw on lid and cable gland