High Temperature 8-Bit Microcontroller

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Manufacturer Honeywell

Honeywell - Magnetic

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The HT83C51 is a monolithic 8-bit microcontroller that is pin equivalent to the Intel 8XC51FC microcontroller. The HT83C51 uses the standard MCS-51 instruction set which is optimized for control applications. Pin-for-pin equivalent to the MCS-51 series product, it is compatible with all known development environments. Key features include the programmable counter array, watch dog timer, enhanced serial port for multi-processor communication and a hierarchical interrupt structure. Software selectable idle is included for reduced power. The HT83C51 varies from the standard 83C51FC, in that it supports half-duplex serial communication, and has 8k Bytes of Mask programmable ROM. The device is available in a standard pinout DIP, with optional packages considered. These microcontrollers provide guaranteed performance supporting operating frequencies in excess of 16 MHz over the full -55 to +225°C temperature range. Typically, parts will operate up to +300°C for a year, with derated performance.

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  • Specified Over -55 to +225°C
  • On-Chip Oscillator
  • 8-bit CPU Optimized for 5 Volt Control Applications
  • Interrupt Structure with Seven Sources and Four Priority Levels
  • Four 8-bit Bidirectional Parallel Ports
  • Half Duplex Programmable Serial Port with Framing Error Detection and Automatic Address Recognition
  • Three 16-bit Timer/Counters with One Up/Down Timer/Counter and Clock Out
  • 256 Bytes Internal Data Memory
  • 64K External Data Memory Address Space
  • Hermetic 40-pin Ceramic Dip
  • MCS-51 Compatible Instructions Set
  • Parts burned in at 250°CC
  • Programmable Counter Array with: Capture/Compare, Software Timer with Watchdog Capability, High Speed Output, and Pulse Width Modulator
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  • Applications: Downhole Oil Well, Avionics, Turbine Engine Control, Industrial Process Control, Nuclear Reactor, Electric Power Conversion, and Heavy Duty Internal Combustion Engine
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Program Memory (KB) 64  

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RAM Bytes 256  
Operating Temperature (°C) -55 to 225  
Package DIP-40