2.5W Mono Filter-Free Class D Audio Power Amplifier

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Manufacturer Skyworks


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The AAT5101 is a high efficiency, 2.5W mono class D audio power amplifier. The low noise, filterless PWM architecture eliminates the output filter, reduces the external component count and system cost, and simplifies system design. With high efficiency of up to 92% and the industry lowest 1.35mA quiescent current, it increases battery lifetime and dramatically lowers the junction temperature. The space saving wafer-level chip scale package (WLCSP) and minimum external component requirements make it ideal for cellular phones and PDAs. With high PSRR, low THD+N, and 91dB SNR, the AAT5101 guarantees clean sound across the wide audio output power range and the full audio frequency domain. Short circuit and thermal protection with self-recovery prevents the device from being damaged during over current conditions. In cellular phones, the earpiece, speaker phone and melody ringer can each be driven by the AAT5101. Also, proprietary technology successfully suppresses pop and click noise.

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    • Maximum Battery Life and Minimum Heat 1.35mA Quiescent Current, 0.06μA Shutdown Current, Up to 92% Efficiency
    • Large Output Power Capabilities 1.35W with 8Ω Load and THD+N < 1%, 2.5W with 4Ω Load and THD+N < 10%
    • Pop and Click Noise Suppression Circuitry
    • Thermal and Output Short Circuit Protection with Selfrecovery
    • High Performance, THD+N of 0.12% at 5V, 8Ω Load and POUT = 1.0W
    • Filter-less Capability
    • Internally Generated 250 kHz Switching Frequency
    • Excellent PSRR and Wide Supply Voltage Range (2.1V to 5.5V)
    • Fully Differential Design
    • External Gain Configuration Capability
    • 9-Pin Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packaging (WLCSP)

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