Single-Pole, Normally Open OptoMOS® Relay

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Manufacturer UK_IXY_SI


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The CPC1593 is a normally open (1-Form-A) Solid State Relay that incorporates load current limiting with over-voltage protection and thermal management. This self-resetting triple protection scheme protects not only the CPC1593's load, but also the CPC1593 itself, thus creating a highly effective switching mechanism that is designed to survive in the harshest operating environments.

Over-voltage protection is activated when the voltage across the switch is greater than 21V and the device is in current limit. The over-voltage protection deactivates the switch while allowing a restricted load current of less than 100μA to flow. When the voltage across the switch falls below the over-voltage threshold, the switches reactivate. If the fault persists, then these responses will repeat.

The CPC1593 is designed for use in AC environments where fault conditions can persist for long periods of time, and where, upon removal of the fault, return to normal operation is expected. The CPC1593 is designed to survive extended power cross conditions.

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  • Integrated Active Current-Limit with Over-Voltage Protection
  • Thermal Regulation
  • 600VP Blocking Voltage
  • Guaranteed Turn-On: 2mA Input Control Current
  • 3750Vrms Input/Output Isolation
  • Low Drive Power Requirements (TTL/CMOS Compatible)
  • Arc-Free With No Snubbing Circuits
  • No EMI/RFI Generation
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Blocking Voltage (V) 600  
Load Current (mA) 120  
On Resistance (Ohms) 35  
Package DIP-6  
Operating temperature range (OC) -40 to 85°C