Normally Open Solid State Relay with Integrated Current Limit

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Manufacturer UK_IXY_SI


Description :

The CPC1560 is a 1-Form-A (Single Pole, Normally Open) optically isolated MOSFET switch that provides fast turn-on of loads up to 600mADC in a DC-Only configuration, 300mArms in an AC/DC configuration; active current-limit circuitry; and 3750Vrms of I/O isolation.

Fast turn-on is accomplished with the use of an external charge storage capacitor that provides the necessary charge required by the internal switching MOSFETs. The device charges this capacitor, through bootstrap diodes, from the load voltage, thereby alleviating the need for an additional power supply.

The CPC1560 incorporates thermal shutdown circuitry for improved survivability in harsh environments, and is designed to pass regulatory voltage surge requirements when provided with appropriate over-voltage protection circuitry.

Designed specifically for environmentally demanding AC or DC applications, where printed circuit board space is at a premium and additional power supplies are not available, the CPC1560 is an ideal solution.

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  • Fast Turn-On
  • Built-In Active Current Limit Protection
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Linear AC or DC Operation
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Clean, Bounce-Free Switching
  • High Surge Capability
  • Low Power Drive Requirements
  • Surface Mount Version Available
  • Tape and Reel Packaging Available
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Blocking Voltage (V) 60  
Load Current (mA) 600  
On Resistance (Ohms) 1.4  
Package DIP-8  
Operating temperature range (OC) -40 to 85°C