5VDC RF Reed Relay, Miniature Latching, 3.5kV, 1.5A

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A latching RF reed relay designed for manpack, portable HF radio systems,from 1-30MHz, where power resources are limited and board space is at a premium. These relays have separate set and reset coils to simplify board design, are capable of carrying up to 1.5A current at 30MHz and can withstand either 1.5, 3 or 3.5kV between contacts. The FRS22012 is a fast latching relay with RF and magnetic screening, that enables switching with coil pulse lengths down to 0.5ms.

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  • Bistable Latching Relay
  • 0.5ms Coil Pulse length version
  • 3.5kV DC Isolation
  • 1.5A Carry Current
  • RF and Magnetic Screening
  • Approved to MIL standards for Bump, Shock and Vibration
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Coil voltage (V) 5  

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Contact arrangement 1A+1B SPST-NO+SPST-NC  
Switching current (A) 0.5  
Mounting type Through hole  
Termination PCB