1GC1-8053 DC-65 GHz Integrated Diode Limiter

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Manufacturer Agilent MMIC

Keysight MMIC

Description :

The 1GC1-8053 is a 65 GHz integrated diode limiter that can be used to protect sensitive RF circuits from excess RF power, DC transients, and ESD. Two limiters are provided on-chip to enable single-ended or differential use.

The 1GC1-8053 can be used as an unbiased 10 or 18 dBm passive limiter; it also provides adjustable limiting and peak power detection capabilities.

The 1GC1-8053 has been designed for minimal insertion loss. Group delay characteristics have been optimized to allow use in millimeter-wave analog and gigabit digital designs.

Keysight 1GC1-8053 does not contain any intentionally added RoHS substances above permitted maximum thresholds.

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  • Two Independent Limiters for Single-ended or Differential Signals
  • Can be Biased for Adjustable Limit Level and Signal Detection
  • Minimum Group Delay
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VB @spec (V) 5  

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Max RS @Spec (Ω) 17  
Configuration Dual independent  
Operating Temperature Range (°C) -40 to +85  
Package Die