12V DIN-rail UPS

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Manufacturer Flux


Description :

Flux's EMT75UPS12 is 12V / 6A mini-UPS based on DIN-rail mount including both 75W Power Supply as well as the needed energy storage in form of embedded Battery. Together with our well known EMT 7500 Series, this Battery Backup System using the latest Technology will support Backup Power for many years, supported by 3 Logic output for control and alert functions.

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  • Output 12V/6A
  • Input 100-265 VAC or DC
  • Short term current supply - up to 10A
  • Small dimensions: 160 x 100 x 100 mm
  • Expansion possibilitity up to 150 mimutes
  • Includes wire-set and plugs
  • Easy mounting
  • 3 logic outputs
  • Remote shut down control terminals