Terahertz Detector, Fibre Coupled, 1060nm, DET-10-FC

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Manufacturer Ekspla


Description :

Fiber-coupled Terahertz detectors offered by EKSPLA are designed for broadband operation and can be used in standard timedomain (THz-TDS). Terahertz emitters and detectors are mounted into compact housing compatible with standard 1” optical holders. Unique GaBiAs material used in photoconductive antennas (PCA) features excellent sensitivity for wavelengths up to approx. 1060 nm and electron lifetime shorter than 1 ps. As a result ultra short half-cycle THz pulses with broad spectra up to 5 THz can be generated and detected.

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    • Based on unique GaBiAs photoconductive material
    • Optimized for wavelengths around 1060 nm
    • Pump pulse fiber delivery
    • Technical passport and test report included


    • Application:
    • Time-resolved broadband THz spectroscopy
    • Optical pump-THz probe spectroscopy
    • Suitable for all-in-fiber system solution