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The XGT-7200 represents a completely new generation of XRF microscope, and leads the way to a new era of science. It offers a seamless merger between optical observation and elemental analysis functions, revolutionizing the world of micro-analysis and establishing micro-XRF as a routine tool for the research and analytical scientist. Unique hardware features ensure the system offers versatility and flexibility for every measurement. A choice of two software controlled x-ray guide tubes with diameters ranging from a unique 10 ┬Ám through to 1.2 mm allow conditions to be optimised for a range of measurements, including both micro and macro. Similarly, with the unique Dual Vacuum Modes it is possible to switch within seconds between a high sensitivity full vacuum mode and a versatile localised vacuum mode. The latter maintains samples at atmospheric pressure whilst retaining sensitivity to all elements from sodium to uranium. The unique features of the XGT-7200 have seen this innovative micro-XRF analyser widely embraced for a range of applications, including electronics, engine wear analysis, forensic science, geology, mineralogy, pharmaceutics, museums, metallurgy, biology, medicine and archaeology. The flexible XGT-7200 micro-XRF system covers everything from macro analysis, for a general survey of a wide area, to the inspection of a specific micro area, with simultaneous XRF and transmission imaging. Its many features ensure high performance analysis with easy operation.

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  • Highest spatial resolution
  • Transmission X-ray Mapped Imaging
  • Dual Vacuum Modes
  • Complete range of sample sizes
  • Integrated Data Acquisition and Analysis Software
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Spectrometer Type X-Ray Analytical Microscope  

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Technology/Application X-ray Guide Tube / Electronics, Engine wear analysis, Forensic science, Geology, Mineralogy, Pharmaceutics, Museums, Metallurgy, Biology, Medicine and Archaeology