Spectrofluorometer, Modular

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Fluorolog 3

Manufacturer Horiba Scientific

Horiba Scientific

Description :

The FluoroLog®-3 is a unique, modular system which allows the researcher to interchange a versatile range of accessories to correspond perfectly with the characteristics of a given sample. From analysis of steady-state or molecular dynamics to IR probes, the FluoroLog®-3 comes equipped with a wide range and limitless configuration of accessories to enhance the accuracy and speed of your application.

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  • World's most sensitive spectrofluorometer
  • Can detect 50-femtomolar fluorescein
  • Unique, modular system adapts to new experiments or changing technology so is never obsolete
  • Interchange wide range of computer-controlled accessories: spectrometers, detectors, sources, and more!
  • Totally computer-controlled
  • All-reflective optics so that the sample is in focus at all wavelengths
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Spectrometer Type IR, UV  

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Technology/Application Nanotechnology to Biotechnology / Energy transfer, and dynamic polarization to CCD or multichannel detection  
Spectral Range 0 to 1300 nm (Mechanical range)  
Resolution 0.04 nm