MID-IR Fourier Transform Spectrometer, FTIR, 2-6µm or 2-12µm

Manufacturer's part number :

FT-MIR Rocket

Manufacturer ARCoptix


Description :

The FT-MIR Rocket offers excellent stability in both intensity and wavelength scales. Two spectral ranges are available (2-6 or 2-12 µm), depending on your needs for high sensitivity or broad spectral range. FTIR Rocket is a compact Mid-IR spectrometer, that an operate both free-space or with IR optical fibers.

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  • Two detector choices: 2-6µm or 2-12µm
  • Very good sensitivity (2-stage cooled MCT detector)
  • High resolution of 4cm-1
  • Excellent stability in intensity and wavelength
  • Removable fiber coupler for operation with fibers or free-space IR beams
  • Benefits

  • Main applications:
  • Mid-IR Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) for MIR Lasers & LEDs
  • Liquid, thin-film or gas measurement
  • Material identification and quantification in various fields such as geology, food and beverage industry...
FTIR-Rocket Models FTIR-Rocket
Spectral Range cm-1 5000 - 1700
5000 - 830
Signal-to-Noise >1:5000 >1:2000
Detector Type MCT( 2-TE cooled)
Spectral resolution cm-1 4
Recommended Fibre CIR (chalcogenide) fibers (1-6µm) PIR (polycrystalline) fibers (3-18µm)