Fibred NIR Fourier Transform Spectrometer, FT-NIR 0.9-2.6µm

Manufacturer's part number :

FT-NIR Rocket

Manufacturer ARCoptix


Description :

The FT-NIR Rocket 0.9-2.6µm offers excellent stability in both intensity and wavelength scales. The FT-NIR Rocket fibred spectrometer is compatible with light sources and sampling accessories typically used with array-detector-based NIR spectrometers.

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FT-NIR Fibered Spectrometer



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  • Broad wavelength range 0.9-2.6µm
  • High resolution of 8cm-1 (<1nm at 1µm to <5nm at 2.5 µm)
  • Excellent stability in intensity and wavelength
  • Very good sensitivity (very well adapted for diffuse reflectance)
  • Very compact and rugged, easy to use
  • Benefits

  • Transmission/reflection measurements
  • Light source measurement (NIR Lasers, LED, Solar,…)
  • Material identification and quantification in various fields such as geology, food, and beverage industry, medical diagnostics
Model FT-NIR Rocket
Spectral Range 0.9-2.6µm
Signal-to-Noise >10000:1
Detector Type Extended type InGaAs photodiode
Spectral resolution 8cm-1 (optionaly 4cm-1)
Optical fiber input: SMA 905 connector, up to 1mm fiber core diameter, NA=0.25