Research Grade Stokes Polarimeters

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Research Grade Stokes Polarimeters

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Hinds Instruments’ Stokes Polarimeter Systems offer unparalleled sensitivity for measuring the polarization state of a light beam or source. Using a robust, refined technology, our Dual PEM Stokes Polarimeters quantify all 4 normalised Stokes vectors with a single measurement and no moving parts. The excellent sensitivity, repeatability and straightforward operation of the Dual PEM Stokes Polarimeter platform have made this system invaluable to challenging applications in optical component characterisation, astronomy, fibre optic research and manufacturing, and laser quality control.

The turnkey system includes an optical module, an electronic module, a complete software package, and a PC with monitor. The optical module, including two photoelastic modulators (PEMs), generates all 4 Stokes parameters with a single measurement. Various standard options are available, including versions for single wavelength or spectroscopic measurements. Systems are available for the visible, NIR, IR and DUV. The software package is designed to calibrate the PEMs for changing wavelengths and a fibre optic input is available. The electronic signals can be processed through either Fourier analysis of waveforms or lock-in amplifiers depending on the requirements of a specific application.

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    • Complete Stokes Vector Characterisation
    • No Moving Components
    • Instantaneous Change of Wavelength
    • Portable and Robust
    • Large Acceptance Angle
    • UV-Vis System: 180 nm – 850 nm
    • NIR System: 800 nm – 2.5 µm
    • Mid-IR System: 1.5 µm – 15 µm
    • NIR Fiber Polarimeter: 1330 nm and 1550 nm
    • Stokes parameter accuracy: 1%
    • Stokes parameter sensitivity: 0.0005
    • Single Measurement Vector Characterisation
    • High Speed Modulation
    • Extreme Sensitivity


    • Test and Measurement
    • Materials Characterisation
    • Pharmaceutical Development and QC
    • Optical Rotation
    • Telecom Device Manufacturing
    • SOP and DOP determination
    • Astronomical Polarisation
    • Spectroscopic Applications
    • Free Space or Fiber Options Measurements

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