PEM Mueller Polarimeters

Manufacturer's part number :

Exicor 150XT

Manufacturer Hinds


Description :

The Exicor 150XT Mueller Polarimeter provides simultaneous measurements of all sixteen Mueller matrix elements and the complete polarisation properties of a sample in a fraction of a second.  The system provides the highest levels of sensitivity available today for a full Mueller polarimeter. In addition, the PEMs provide high-speed operation, modulating at a rate of tens of kHz. Leading edge sensitivity and repeatability easily provide subnanometer levels of linear and circular birefringence measurements and subpercentage determination of linear and circular diattenuation, now critical to many applications.

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  • Simultaneous measurements of all 16 Mueller matrix elements
  • Linear retardation range 0 to 316.4 nm
  • Linear retardation resolution/repeatability 0.01 nm / ±0.03 nm
  • Linear retardation angular resolution/repeatability 1 0.01° / ±0.05°
  • Wavelength 632.8 nm (any wavelength between 180nm-2500nm viable)
  • PEM Frequencies 42, 47, 50, and 60 kHz
  • Spot size ~1 mm (0.5 mm)
  • Scan area 5 150 mm x 150 mm
  • Benefits

    • Academic and industrial research
    • Quality control metrology
    • Accurate measurements of complete polarization properties for:
      • Scientific optical components with complex internal structure
      • Laser crystals
      • LCDs with complex layers
      • Isomorphous crystals
      • Anisotropic crystals
      • Chemical and biological anisotropic optical materials
      • Anisotropy induced by electric or magnetic fields

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