Spectroradiometer for Digital Cinema Projector

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Manufacturer Photo Research Inc

Photo Research Inc

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CINEBRATE is the world’s first spectroradiometer designed specifically for the calibration and verification of 1K, 2K and 4K digital cinema projectors.

With CINEBRATE, getting the numbers you need to help adjust, or simply check the performance projectors is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. CINEBRATE reports all values necessary to feed on-board projector calibration software. Even if you have never picked up a sophisticated instrument like a spectroradiometer in the past, the first time you pick up a CINEBRATE you can be making world-class measurements in fewer than 5 minutes. Because CINEBRATE makes measurements spectrally, the utmost in accuracy can be expected from each measurement regardless of the projector technology – even the much anticipated laser projector.

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  • Wavelength Range: 380 to 780 nm
  • Detector: 128 Detector Photo Diode Array
  • Optics: Fixed Focus 75mm
  • Focus Range: 9.84 to 98.4 ft (3 to 30m)
  • Target Acquisition Laser Pointer
  • Measuring Diameter (Spot Size) 3.90in to 3.24 ft (99 to 987mm)
  • Exposure Time: 3 ms to 30 sec
  • Spectral Bandwidth: 5 nm
  • Spectral Resolution: 4 nm
  • Luminance Range: 0.05 to 50 fL † (0.171 to 171 cd/m²)
  • Benefits

  • Utmost accuracy for all projector types
  • Complete portability
  • Control from PC / Mac
  • Instantaneous target alignment
  • Virtualy no learning curve