Cost-effective spectrocolorimeter / spectroradiometer

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Manufacturer Acal BFi Photonics

Acal BFi - Photonics

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The Qalif-Spectro by Acal BFi is a portable and easy to use spectro-colorimeter/radiometer featuring a fast integration time covering a spectral range of measure from 380 nm to 780 nm. The Qalif-Spectro can be used for a variety of application both in labs as well in production.

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  • Spectral range: 380 nm to 780 nm
  • Spectral bandwidth: 1.5 nm
  • Luminance range: 0.01 cd/m² up to 9000 cd/m² / 0.00.3 fl up to 2600 fl
  • Colour LCD touch screen display
  • Benefits

  • Fast integration time
  • Integrated target laser pointer
  • Mechanical shutter
  • jigh spectral resolution
  • Available interfaces : USB2.0 and WiFi
  • Affordable price
  • Auto export data with USB key