Silicon Photomultipliers, Active area 6x6mm²

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Manufacturer First Sensor

First Sensor

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Silicon Photomultipliers are suitable for many different applications like chemical analysis, medical diagnosis, scientific research and industrial measurement. Their peak sensitivity is in the blue range. Besides the high photon detection efficiency the main features are low noise, large range of stable operation and an extremely low temperature coefficient of the gain.

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    • Single photon counting
    • Spectral response range from 300 nm to 800 nm
    • High PDE at 420 nm
    • Large stable overvoltage range
    • Extremely low temperature coefficient of the gain of <1%/K
    • Active area: 6x6mm²


    • Application range: Nuclear medicine,LIDAR,Fluorescence spectroscopy,Flow cytometry
    • Single photon resolution
    • High photon detection efficiency
    • High gain and high signal to noise ratio
    • Very fast device with short recovery and good timing
    • Low bias voltage
    • Insensitive to magnetic fields
    • High radiation hardness
    • Very compact devices
    • Simple calibration and monitoring
    • Not damaged by day light
    • Low costs