Wavelength Separator Mirror, Low GDD, Yb doped material, 333-353nm/515+1030nm

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Low GDD Wavelength Separators 333-353 nm/515+1030 nm

Manufacturer Altechna


Description :

Wavelength Separators are used to separate the spectral regions or specified wavelengths (harmonic components) of the multi-frequency laser systems by selective spectral reflection, transmission and absorption. Minimal reflectance is at least 99.5% and transmittance is more than 90%.

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  • Separates fundamental from harmonic wavelengths
  • Minimal reflectance >99.5% and minimal transmittance >90%
  • Laser Damage Threshold >100 mJ/cm², 50 fsec, 800 nm typical
  • Low Group Delay Dispersion (GDD)
  • Diameter: 12.7mm - 25.4 mm
  • AOI: 0° or 45°
  • Reflected wavelength: >99,5%
  • Transmitted wavelength: >90% to >95%
  • Benefits

  • Other dimensions or specified wavelengths can be designed according to customer specifications
  • Separation of other wavelengths is available upon request